May. 6th - Release of  " The American Rosebush " Tee

May. 6 - 7th  - Shoot with released and unreleased tees. 

May. 7th - Midnight Release of The Street Team " Triple Nine Fantasy " Tee

June.16th - Priority List ( ONLY )

June 18th - The Gold Collection releases in local mercantile establishment located in Hampton, Virginia . ( Store will be announced the day of. )

June 20th - The four garments that have been sold recently will not be sold again until further notice. This does not include the recent ( Serpents Deceivement Tee) Release date will be notified via social networks. New garments are being prepared for release, Sit tight!
                                                   - Josh. CEO The Gold Collection

june 30th - Model call for upcoming garment release " The Serpents Deceivement Tee"

July 5th - Private Photo shoot located in North Carolina.

July 8th - Release of " The Serpents Deceivement Tee"

July 19th - Limited 10 piece release of " The Eternal Homage Tee"

Aug 1st - Products will be under private sell only. Contact direct email for purchases until futher notice.

Aug 12th - The Gold Collection "Dark Edition" Fall 2013 begins,. products will be posted via website(s) and social networks. Products will be first private sold then public.